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Co-Workers: Christoph Koscheck,
published 09. Dezember 2017, last edit 16. September 2018


The project

This article is in english, because we raised an international funding campaign. Click here to read the article in german.

Who are we?

We're two ambitious brothers from Germany, Thomas and Christoph. Thomas is 19 years old and currently studies computer science while Christoph is 17 and still in school... poor Christoph ;) We've always had a fascination for technology, especially for nerdy DIY-projects. We love such self-developed projects because it's challenging, you get the ability to improve your skills and besides, it is also incredibly fun. In addition, you have the change to put your own (sometimes crazy) ideas into practice.

first cad draw cocktail machine
First CAD draw

Our project?

Maybe you're wondering what those weirdoes have come up with for a project. To put it in a nutshell: A cocktail machine!
What exactly is that?
Our intention is to design a machine that can mix and prepare almost any cocktail fully automated. Anyone can pour a beer, but mixing a cocktail requires a recipe and time. In this time maybe you'll miss your favourite song on the dance floor. So it would be convenient if someone takes over this job for you, wouldn't it? And that is exactly what we want to realize.
Our machine should take up orders via an app, prepare the cocktail or an individual drink on its own and inform the person when the cocktail is ready.
Since this miracle machine is mainly used for parties and celebrations it has to look very cool (LED's, an appealing housing and all this stuff).


The fundraising campaign can be found here:
Even for a small donation, we would be really thankful!!
For donations higher than 10€ you can get really cool rewards, like the 3d-CAD.step files, the parts list of the machine and even the whole source code for the Raspberry Pi. Instagram account with regular updates: Click here